How to make your child wash hands?

Children are always moving around and touching everything around them. While you can’t stop their curiosity, you can prevent them from being sick and teach them the right way to protect themselves. Washing your hands might seem natural for you but it may not be the case for your kid who may not understand the importance of this small act. Teaching your child how to wash their hands and to do it regularly is essential. Hand washing can take some time to be fully integrated and can eventually become a challenge to get it done. Below are some tips to help you make it a fun and natural experience.

Make it easy and safe as well as fun

You should wash your hands with water and soap. Convert washing hands as an enjoyable experience, using fun soaps with different shapes to make it more exciting.  To remove all germs, you have to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Make your child sings ‘happy birthday’ twice to be sure they rub their hands long enough.

Kids may not be able to reach the sink. Give them a stool or step so that they can easily wash their hands without your help.

Repetition is the key

Make hand washing a routine, something natural that your child will do without having to think about it. Repetition is the best way to learn and make hand washing a habit. Often remind your child to wash their hands especially when it is critical, before eating, after using the restroom and after spending time in public places.


Show the good example

If you don’t wash your hands, don’t expect your kids to do it. Children tend to copy what people around them are doing, especially their parents. If you often wash your hands, they will also want to practice hand washing.

Explain why hand hygiene is important

Understanding why we need to wash hands is a crucial point especially for kids. If they don’t see the meaning of hand washing, it can be hard to teach them to wash their hands. Take some time and explain in a simplistic way what germs are and what happen if your child doesn’t wash their hands.

Use your creativity

Sit down with your child and do some activities around hand washing like creating a poster showing the steps of hand washing with pictures. Most adults don’t wash their hands properly, so be sure to teach your kid the right technique from the beginning.  You can even place posters next to the sink to help them remember how to do it.

Ask your doctor to talk about it

If they don’t listen to you and still don’t want to wash their hands, sometimes, asking exterior help can be beneficial. Ask your doctor to explain your kids why they should wash their hands.

Carry a hand sanitizer

Carry an alcohol based sanitizer so that, even if you are outside and away from soap and water, you can still practice good hand hygiene as it should be practiced all the time.


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