SD7700C Auto Hand Sanitizer / Soap Dispenser – 800ml

Non-touch operation to minimize cross-infection.
Fully disposable cartridge system for enhanced hygiene standards.
Can be equipped with a tray to collect overflowing liquid.
Provides a controlled amount of content – up to 2000 sprays per cartridge.
Viewing window for refill level indication.
Lock and key to prevent from tampering.

Suitable to use with 800ml cartridges:
Instant Hand Sanitizer | Hand Sanitizer Gel | Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer | Aqua Foam Hand Sanitizer | Foam Wash


Model: SD-7700C
Capacity: 800ml
Material: High Impact ABS Plastic
Colour: White-Grey / Grey-Black
Operation: 3 ‘C’ Size alkaline batteries to last-up to 25,000 dispenses.
Dosage: Approx. 0.4 ml per dispense
Dimension: L116 x W89 x H248 mm

Wall Mount By Drilling – Screws and Plugs provided with each dispenser.
Wall Mount by Pasting- Use Double Side Tape provided with each dispenser. Apply Max Bond Glue /Silicon Sealant at Mounting holes to secure each dispenser well.

Open the dispenser’s cover with the key.
Insert a MaxShield 800ml cartridge.
Close the dispenser’s cover.

Place hand under SD-7700C for the content to be dispensed.
Apply onto palms and rub briskly, on both inner and outer hand, on fingers and wrists.

Exchange the 800ml cartridge with a new one once empty.